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Foreign Trade Statistics 20004 Bulletin contains indicators on volume of Yemen’s commercial exchange with different countries in the world. The CSO cares about presenting inclusive and accurate bulletin, it has improved collecting, preparing, and publishing mechanics for statistics in modern advanced ways keeping abreast with developing countries in this field. Then, it categorized commodities according to the Harmonized System (HS) till 7-8th level. It obtains data information from their resources especially customs declarations, which is considered Foreign Trade Statistics main source for foreign trade statistic through linking the CSO’s foreign trade statistic automatically with Oscoda System operated by Customs Authority. This represented different &developed step to raise the level of quality, inclusive and accurate data.            This bulletin included different tables that satisfy all data users such as: planners, policy makers, researchers, and businessmen…. etc. The most important ones are the tables that show volume of exports and re-exports and imports ,according to the Harmonized System, which are published for the first time. Even the tables that show trade exchange within economic, regional, international blocs, include various tables for the main commodities, export and import commercial partners with certain clarification diagram.            To make reading the bulletins content easy, it has been divided into five main sections as the following: The First Section: The Major Economic Indicators. The Second Section: Commercial Exchange with International Economic Blocs and the Geographical Area in the World. The Third Section: Exports.  The Fourth Section: Imports.

The fifth Section: Commercial Exchange for Agricultural Commodities.

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Published on: 2005-06-12 (13278 reads)

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