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 Foreign Trade Statistics Bulletin is specialized in observing &counting commodities movement with world countries whether they were from the country production or re-exports and imports during a certain period of time defined by Trade General Dept. it depends on Customs Authority & Oil and Mineral Fortune Ministry as source for its data.  Bulletin Sections: there are three sections including the introduction, index, clarifications, and trade balance. The first section contains Foreign Trade Trends during 1999-2003.The second section contains commercial exchange indicators 2002-2003. And the third section contains commercial exchange diagram indicators 2003.  Bulletin coverage: 1.All imports and exports and re-exports for all economic sectors. 2.Imports and Exports of oil Companies within Republic trade except the oil that destined for refining and re-export where there are no available data about it. 3.Imports and Exports and re-exports of foreign companies. 4.All imported commodities as loans. 5.Imports, as in- kind aid. 6.Gold used as jewelry.

 The book size    لتصفح الكتاب يرجى تحميل برنامج    2160 kb

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Published on: 2005-01-05 (10263 reads)

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