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  Statistical Year- Book One of the most important publications issued by the CSO. It contains statistics in various fields and activities. It reports the important indicators in economic, social, and demography arena. The book comprises 21chapters, they are: Environment, Population, Vital statistics, Labour Force, Investment, Agriculture and Fisheries, Industry and Power, Building and Construction, Oil, Communication and Information, Price and Index Numbers, Finance and Banks, Education, Health, Tourism ,Culture and Information, Security and Justice ,Non-Government organizations, Social Care, Foreign Trade, and National Accounts. Note: Because we care about not separating the book, we make it one book to make it easy for research process. If you are interested in reading specific part, you can choose any part from the statistical list above. 



لتصفح الكتاب يرجى تحميل برنامج  

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Published on: 2004-12-31 (28544 reads)

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